Aug 20, 2009

Nana's Place - The holidays

My most vivid holiday memories were at my Nana's. I have very strong memories I guess because as well as going there for holidays, we three girls were deposited there about every second weekend while our parents had some time together. Nana lived on the corner of a very busy road 98 Higginbotham Rd, Ryde and at night while sleeping end to end with my bed-wetting sister, I watched as car lights ran hypnotically around the room disappearing into a corner. Often there were car accidents which we slept through but heard the fascinating stories in the morning, how Nana had been there with blankets and cups of tea. Her lounge room was dark and cozy and it was in there that we watched Get Smart, a show forbidden at home and I've since realised this must be one of my first memories. We ate the best brown bread toast in the mornings while Par talked to his little blue canary - 'Pete' I think, and John Laws talked on and on in the background. At bathtime it was all three into the tub in an arrangement that mimicked the three blue ceramic ducks on the bathroom wall. But the absolute best part about Nana's (apart from her) was when she invited us into her mysterious bedroom to perch on the high plump bed and receive a smear of red 'lippy' before going out with her on the bus. Then alighting from the bus it was a short walk to the little store where she bought us each a packet of Jelly Tots. Thanks Pip, I'm so glad you helped me remember my Nana, because I really miss her.
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