Sep 18, 2009

Guessing Competition***WHERE ARE WE???

Ok, last weekend BossyGirl and I went to the beach, we grabbed a bacon and egg roll and chips from Hamburger Haven and ate it in the carpark before doing some rock pool wandering. These sea gulls ate the chips right out of my hands, greedy buggers!

Be the first to guess which beach we were looking onto and you will win one of my new scrap packs I'm working on.  Only ONE WINNER!! get in quick.(ps you will have to work out where I live).


  1. In the Bar Beach carpark overlooking Bar Beach! (did my fair share of pashing in that there car park back in the day ;)

  2. Oh well that works out very well!! I'll just send both your prizes together because yes it's BAR BEACH! Yay Newcastle. Mel contact me with your address etc and will send off next week. cheers