Sep 18, 2009

Slapping some paint around.

Not only do I now have a fab new fabric/work room but the extra space has created a whole new feel throughout the house. I can breath again!! It's time for a change of colour.

About 8 years ago I decided I had to have that red wall I always wanted. So I painted the red wall and kept going till the whole lounge room, entry, and tiny hall was a deep dark scarlet red. At first I loved it, but low and behold the paint NEVER DRIED!!! it remained tacky, collecting dust, hair, fluff and other debris, it was a total disaster. At the paint shop it was explained that the paint must have reacted to the wallpaper glue underneath and there was NO FIX!

It was dark, it was ugly, it was fluffy and just plain wrong. It became an embarrassment and I found myself explaining 'oh that was like that when we bought the place, some crazy old artist woman'.......

Fast forward to this week and after a couple of very late nights and 2 good drying days I've just put down the brush.  The paint is DRY and the transformation is shockingly wonderful. The room seems almost empty but clean, light and fun.  I know it's not perfect, the blue now looks all wrong, and the big wall needs more art, but I love it!

The colour I chose is quite amazing, it changes in the light from gray to neutral, to pink to mauve, every hour of the day it's different. I think with paint it is a case of 'you get what you pay for' and I am seriously impressed with Nippon.

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