Oct 22, 2009

School Holidays! part III

Love her to bits but I'm always glad to be getting on with a bit of work (schools back). Here's a snip of what we got up to during the last week of the holidays.

Some clowning around.  
(good old fashioned fun, three kids played for 6 hours with only their imaginations)

A great show! Costumes were divine!

Souvenir Glass that lights up.
(cheapest item I could find).

A nice bit of the theatre.  
I've never been here before but it reminded me of the theatre in my home town.

A priceless look! accidentally ordered Japanese ice cream selection. (only one was edible but it was delish!)

More fun!
from the Korean Vending machine parlour. A very strange but weirdly fun place. The adults calculated the profit margins and the kids fed the machines.


And more !! 
(I was also told twice not to take photos - oops sorry!)

Sunday here and then home!
(but not without another visit to the fun parlour - see above)

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