Nov 29, 2009

The Advent Calendar Tradition

Every year for the last 6 I've found a vintage advent calendar for BossyGirl. Since it is almost the 1st of December I brought this year's out because it's probably the best I've found in all those years and I was excited to give it to her. She was impressed and she forgot for a moment those cheap chocolate filled ones lining the shop shelves. 

I wonder what's behind those little flaps.

This one is beautifully made and colourful. It has moving parts and folds out into three-d and of course has the 25 little windows. 
It's still in the original plastic with price tag.
Bought from Grace Brothers for $4.50 in about the 70s and made in Denmark.


Our Christmas this year will be very quiet - my parents are both not well, our family splintered and estranged from each other, but our family traditions are what holds it together and makes it special for one little girl caught in the middle.


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