Nov 30, 2009

High times!

Ok thought I'd better show the photos of our visit to Sydney for the lighting of the tree. We were put up in the Meriton World Tower and amazingly ended up on the 75th floor in a three bedroom suite! Man the place was bigger than my house and I'm not joking. We had a great time soaking up the luxury in the apartment, it was too good to leave. Highly recommended if you are visiting Sydney. 

I was told they have good specials  and a group of 6 could easily stay in this apartment. Everything was very clean and fresh, the sheets crisp and not a speck of dust or dirt anywhere. Plenty of fresh towels and soaps etc. Nothing was scrimped on. 
I was very impressed. 

Three king sized beds! 
and unbelievable views!

I felt quite sick at first looking down.

On our way to the event we stopped by David Johns for the windows.

And there's the dress, looked good and was worn well

Great to go away for a short break. Makes you appreciate your own place. I could not live in an apartment without windows that open or a bit of grass to sit on. 

Very nice to visit though.

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  1. The dress looks wonderful on! She looks pleased with it. The views are amazing but I like my patch of grass too :)