Dec 3, 2009

Getting out of the Vintage fabric comefort zone!

I've been selling vintage fabric via ebay for about 8 years now. I have it down pat. I'm totally in my comfort zone and I have to admit have been taking it pretty easy really because I've wanted to pursue my craft and art. It's been great, lovely customers, pleasant working conditions.

But this week I paid the final payment on my new website and so it's time to get serious and down to work again. A new challenge, a new learning curve and way more work than I had imagined. It's a tad overwhelming. But I'm up for it, I just may be a bit quieter around here. 

The website is not live yet but rest assured I'm behind the scenes working away, photographing, measuring and listing a little each day. 

I hope you will come and visit me there:
and bring your friends. Everyone is welcome!

yours in fabric love, Elizabeth

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