Dec 4, 2009

Vintage Fabric and the giant spider.

Well as luck would have it a giant hairy spider was blown in through my driver's front door yesterday causing me to freak out so hard that I pulled a muscle in my back.
(I imagine it was hilarious to watch) 
If you can imagine, I'm in the front seat of the car trapped by the steering wheel and seat belt and thrashing wildly.

So sitting at the computer stocking my new VintageFabricAddict store is impossible!

Instead I'm going to sit down with BossyGirl and watch (again) The Magnificent Seven. Then we are going out to see Where the Wild Things Are with friends. Dinner at the local Hare Krishna place and hopefully an ice cream after.
Good old Friday night fun!

The fabric will have to wait.
But here's a sneak peek at some of what I photographed today ready for the store.


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