Dec 9, 2009

Vintage Fabric to the rescue.

I now have total respect for anyone with a web site with more than one product listed! I've been plugging away for a day and have just 11 items in the store. Mind you I'm trying not to sit at the computer for long stretches so I'm mixing it up with some housework, walking and going to the post office. 
It's an exciting life. 

My back was in a bad way and Monday saw me at the chiropractor's where I had a manipulation. My first ever. After I got over the fear of bad things happening and the shock of having a young man throw himself on me suddenly, I quite enjoyed it. For the rest of that day and night my back had a deep burning sensation but today I would say it's about 98% better.

It seems that sitting, especially sitting in the wrong way is the culprit. I'm currently sitting on a piece of folded upholstery fabric to give me the right height for this desk.
I have some preventative work to do or I might not be doing this for as long as I hope. 

Here's a sneak peak of what I've been working on.

Nice pink crimplene


Fun check mod floral.

Lovely 50s Stripe.

Novelty cotton 1960s faux denim.

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