Mar 13, 2010

Fashion Design week 5

I think I might have missed a week writing about TAFE because we have just finished our needle cases and that took two weeks. We used SOLVY for the cover decoration, wadding, quilting of sorts and more turning corners. I've not used SOLVY before. I think it has that '1990's souvenir craft shop' feel along with felted bags and crazy quilts, so I doubt I'll use it again. Good to know about though, I guess.
The needle case had way too much work in it and too much potential to look crooked etc at the end. Mostly that's ok but I don't think it's something you'd want to manufacture to sell. 

I like mine and I'll use it. Our next projects in the subject are two head scarves.

We were handed out a lot of assignment sheets, they are easy things to do - like collect a fabric library of at least 15 pieces with details about the content, weave, manufacturing process and end uses. 
These theory subjects are not hugely difficult it's really about just reading along, making a few notes and sticking in samples, maybe a bit of research. We learned more about cotton & wool.

One of our assignments is to put together a 7 slide power point presentation on a designer, or trend. I'm doing Trelise Cooper and why I love her clothes. I have to say I think Power Point is a powerful tool. I don't have a PC at home so I have had a bit of fumbling about with the buttons. I much prefer the way MACs do things, it' just so much more CLASSY!!

In screen printing we cut out 2 stencils for our next design.

Our class has shrunk a bit over the first 5 weeks, some of the younger girls just seem to lack any energy and show up erratically. Those of us who are over 25 (some way over!) are the stayers - so far. There is a lot of sewing to catch up on too so I don't recommend being slack when you commit to a course like this.
There are two young women in the class who have 3 & 4 children, both these women also travel over an hour to get to class. You can understand if they miss a few lessons. 
I take my hat off to them for sure. 
Oh and one is a single mother. So if you think you couldn't, think again.

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