Mar 13, 2010

Inspired to dress differently.

Last year I gave my wardrobe two major clean outs. So major that I even wrote here about them. 
But still it's jam packed with colour and texture,  nothing goes together and I take an age to find something to wear. 

I just love gorgeous clothes so much.

I don't want to be mucking about and going through this daily. 

A visit to this exhibition gave me an idea.

Timeframe: High Tea with Mrs Woo
Contemporary Japanese fashion: the Gene Sherman Collection
FRUiTS: Tokyo street style – photographs by Shoichi Aoki


          I was inspired to try something new with my wardrobe.

While I think I'm more of a FRUITS style person, I relate to Gene Sherman as well. The simplicity of all black with  black under has something going for it. 
When I was in my mid 20's I wore black all the time, my parents were a bit concerned, but I don't remember any drama around getting dressed like I have now.

Gene Sherman has a wearing wardrobe of 20 garments (not including the black tights and tanks she wears under these outfits).

Image Powerhouse museum
Maybe you need fewer garments if they are all the same colour?
Maybe the High Tea girls have the solution, most of their garments are reversible.
20 garments on rotation per season. 
Can I do that?

What do you think, is that realistic?



  1. glad to have found you, I figure I should follow more sewing blogs, since I sew. I am a vintage fabric fanatic, I go nutso out of my mind when I see it, so I am going to visit your shop, would love to roll around in your vintage fabric. don't be scared of me :)

  2. Hi Prudence! nice to meet you. Don't worry, any friend of Vintage Fabric is a friend of mine. cheers elizabeth