Mar 18, 2010

Fashion Design Week 6

Wow what a week! Birthday party for Bossy Girl, then I got a horror cold, then a massive huge cold sore (sorry yes it was gross) and now I have conjunctivitis in one eye! (more grossness) Whew! But feeling better to get out of the house and into that TAFE class room. 

Today received more assessment sheets. Someone asked me if the theory is a bit boring in the course, my reply is, no the theory is practically non existent but the sewing is FREAKY!! I would not like to miss one single day. 

We got onto our first bit of pattern making, sort of pattern adjustment really. It was a simple concept but tricky. We worked with BLOCKS and then they are altered on the 'Plan of Action', then traced onto pattern pieces and cut out.

That and our two colour screen print was really all we did, all day. 
But you know what, I have yet in this course to even
look at the clock. 
Loving being in 'the (sewing) zone'.

Know what I mean?


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