Mar 21, 2010

Fashion Design Week 6 - Theory

Well I spoke too soon! Friday was theory-catch-up day and that's what we did.  Then in the last 2 hours we sewed our headbands and reviewed the needle case.

Most of us agreed that the Solvy was a product suited to a style that was dated and not something we'd use again. The the others? Well I'm not sure what they thought. 
Why don't people contribute to discussions?

I like my scarf, though the turning through was pretty hard with stiff cotton fabric. I can see now why these are often made from silky fabrics. 

Uncooperative model

It's so easy to make a mistake even when sewing simple things like headbands, I sewed my little elastic casing up with the safety pin still in there! A quick unpick and off again. It's a cinch once you know how but the instructions would have had me baffled had I been alone. Obviously I still have a way to go. 

Today it's tidy up, washing, make up scrap packs
and while working I've been nibbling on these, left over from the party last week, knew I should have thrown them away. 

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