Mar 21, 2010

How to spend money and influence people.

Ok sorry could not resist that silly title. 

Yesterday Bossy Girl and I caught the bus to Town for a bit of fun. Not intended to be a shopping trip we both came home with a book and I also bought a nail polish (dim sum plum) , we had lunch and afternoon tea. A ridiculous $105 later we caught the bus home. 

Anyway I found the book I've been looking for, The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle and so far I like it. While in the bookshop though I picked up his latest Awakening Your Life's Purpose and I read a sentence that resonated with the 'control freak' within me. 

It may not mean anything to you which is great (for you) but if you 'get it' then maybe some Eckhart is what you might like to get into.
Here is the sentence that is my new mantra: 

'I don't mind how things turn out.'
I also experienced how Viral marketing works. I was reading a very funny book called 'Porn for Women of a Certain Age' and I laughed out loud.

I had to share a particular page.
Where a delightful toy boy is looking straight at the reader, glue pot in one hand and a paper scrap in the other and saying 'I love to scrapbook with you'.

I found a lady who looked approachable and said 'I have to share this, it's so funny' and so I did. Guess what? She bought a copy and I reckon I could have sold more had I been employed to stand there and do that all day.
What an idea !

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  1. those books are funny. I do that to, walk up to a complete stranger sometimes. like I told you I wanted to role around in your vintage fabric, very risky for me, but it paid off, I have a new friend!