Jul 23, 2010

Vintage Fabric Terror!

On Ebay this week I listed heaps of long long lengths of vintage synthetics, they are all going cheap. 

I had what I'd describe as the biggest clean up here for a long time, bigger and more ruthless even than when I moved into this studio. And the reason that brought about this sudden desire for order............I found a fabric with a fade mark....the horror, the terror!! ...the panic it struck in me. For there is only one thing worse than too much light and that's moths, then comes damp. 

I have no moths or damp but I do have a lot of light.
So it was off to the sewing machine, quickly!
I whipped up a set of 6 floor length curtains to cover the shelves. All the fabric came out, it was severely culled, taken from the top shelf, sorted, neatly folded, and totally re arranged.

I did it in a day and it was so 

I used to buy fabric because I felt I was not buying for myself.
I bought heaps of stuff that I didn't love. 
But I just couldn't sell it with true honesty.
So in the big clean up if I didn't truly love it
then out it went.

I now have only what I really love, and can't wait to pass it on to someone who will use it well and love it like I have.

The downside....I can't see it all stacked neatly away in piles of gorgeous pattern and colour. But I know it's there, safe ready for you.

I also have a gigantic bag of fabric to find a home for, let me know if you are interested. It's about 30kg.

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