Aug 28, 2010

My near perfect Invisible zip * The Dress* complete

Ok I know you're all wondering what happened to the dress.  I wanted an invisible zip put in the 'proper' way which meant not only the bodice had to be lined - it was - but the skirt part also needed a lining skirt. I didn't realise this till I'd attached the bodice lining. So after a bit of worry and a bit of unpicking. I went and cut a skirt from the lining fabric and  sewed it in then finished the zip part. 

Lastly I attached the frill on the bottom of the dress and there you have it!! 

If I had gone about it the right way from the start it would not have been a drama, but I didn't think about the zip needing that facing all the way to the bottom. Please note the near perfect invisible zip!! I am pretty proud of that achievement. It's so hard to get the second side of the zip in the exact position as the first side. I learned a little trick and that is to put in a few holding stitches in the position you want, before you sew it in.

And here's the dress before the skirt lining was put in, you can see what I mean.

I understand now how it works, but I'm not sure I could do another without help. Sewing is not easy all the time.


  1. The dress looks awesome! Miss Bossy will look gorgeous in it. Monique xx

  2. Hey Moinque, thanks.

    shame it won't fit her. This is the dress i SHOULD have made Bossy if I could have sewn back then.

    Eve is now 9, I might give it a go again and this time get it right the first time.

    cheers e