Sep 11, 2010

Happy Days!

Well it's been a very pleasant day, sunny and warm, the sort of day when the garden calls you, to finish those jobs before the mozies arrive and the full summer heat. And so now the lawn is mown, the weeds are in piles, the clothes are washed and folded, the dinner is in the oven and we are in 'lock down' - front door locked, curtains drawn, heater on!

In between all that I put these fabrics up on the web site and below them are the ones I put on Ebay. 
There will be more later if I can keep up the pace. 
And if not then tomorrow is another day!

Oh and did you know that you can click on all my  photos on the website and they will enlarge to show you the finest details of the weave and prints. 

Cheers !!

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