Sep 21, 2010

Living the dream.

I can't believe the school year is in it's last leg. Doing this  Fashion Design course at TAFE was such a big decision for me, I was so unsure I should be so indulgent and take time away from business. But it's been the best thing, probably, I've ever done apart from have my baby girl. 

The other day I had what felt like a flashback to a dream while I was in class, call it déjà vu maybe but I know I'd been there before. The scene felt so comforting, like I had come home. It's what I've always dreamed of and it's changed my life in so many ways. 
I don't want it to end.

One of the very best things is that it's put me in contact with people who want to talk the same language - fashion, sewing, fabric and crafty stuff in general. I've made some friends there who I can see will be in my life for a long time. 

I've discovered things about myself that I always hoped but never knew for sure. And so I want to say that if you are at a place where you are dreaming of something you feel is so big and special and almost out of your reach, I highly recommend giving up your comfort zone and jumping!

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