Sep 22, 2010

Ideas for final assignment

Last week we were given our final project/assignment for next semester. It's exciting to be making a whole outfit and this outfit will be displayed at the end of year fashion parade so it's got to look pretty spick. The theme...lucky me....the 50s!!

My plan is a top and pants for the beach, picnics and hanging out.

This is the top I want:

But I only have this pattern:

And these are the pants:

I'm not sure about the pants because that style does not flatter my big hips so that could change.

We have to make at least three pattern adjustments and are allowed to use commercial patterns. So I have these vintage patterns but they are not in my size. I have to alter the patterns to fit me and I'm doing that today.

I've traced out the original tissue paper onto brown paper and I'm cutting and spreading the top to fit me. Just one cut right down the front and one down the back. 
The sleeves will also need to be cut at some point not sure where. Then re trace and make sure they will all go back together again. I've only had one attempt at this sort of adjustment before but I think it's pretty straight forward.

What do you think?? any suggestions??


  1. Hmmm... the front pockets on those pants won't be flattering I'm afraid. With the top, remove the darts, make the sleeves fuller and it would almost be the same as the one you want. Hoping it all works out well! Monique xx

  2. Thanks Monique,

    Yes, I think I'll have to re think those pants but I wonder what shape will work with the top?

  3. The stovepipe shape will still look fine... I just don't think those pockets. I think they would create extra inches around the hips that aren't really there. Are you able to remove them from the pattern?

  4. not sure, i've not looked at the pants pattern yet. I'm even thinking of changing to a skirt since i won't wear those pants anyway. I have till next semester to make a final decision. gotta do some thinking.