Nov 6, 2010

Happy fabrics to cheer me up.

Well it's been 'one of those days' today, I now have a headache and sore eyes. 
So to cheer myself up I grabbed these pretty Seersucker fabrics to put on the website.
Did you know Seersucker was invented in India a few hundred years ago, designed specifically to keep one cool in summer. 
I needed some 'keeping cool' today. 
And who can beat light breezy cotton for summer in Australia - if it comes. 
Hope your day was WAY better than mine!!

And there are a few more summery cottons. 
I'm about 3/4 of the way through the pile
so if it's yet in the store check back a little later. 


And for those of us who are feeling the cold I have some lovely wools.
Curious because their reverse side is all brushed and soft and lovely. 
I think it's to make it soft against you skin. 

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