Nov 1, 2010

I love Mondays!

I love Monday's!
It's when I get down to packing orders from the weekend and if I've been flat out, from Friday.

I turn on the eyeTV and like everyone else who loves vintage fashion
I watch MAD MEN.

 I love loose myself in that show!

And like anyone who loves men then I watch Bear Grils
doing the French Foreign Legion
It's hard to believe these men can be so tough and take so much.

Plus I love bear!!

And like anyone who loves food
 I check in with the kids from
Master Chef.
I'm a day late but since I don't have any water cooler to discuss the weekend by, I don't mind. 

By that time I'm done packing.
I really love Mondays!
Happy Monday to you!
Oh yeah and I got all those images from you know where (google images)

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