Feb 14, 2011

Big Clearance Sale Notification.

Ok I got back from op shopping a bit jaded. The op shops around here are dismal especially the ones that insist on 'tiding up' or 'renovating' and end up totally sterile. 

I always get in a mood if there is nothing to bring home and that's what happened. 
And so I turned my frustration on my shelves. 

 I have a lot of fabric that's been for sale on Ebay and then not for sale, then for sale and then not. 
It's time for it all to go, I need to detox so I can let good stuff in. 

So this is advanced notice to you of a huge clearance sale coming up on ebay at vintagefabricaddict
There will be no half yards or cut fabric just whatever the original length is. 
Keep your eyes out it's starting this weekend.


  1. Just pack it all up and send it directly to me! ;)

  2. OMG! The capcha word I just had to type out was Nikki! *insert Twilight theme music*