Feb 16, 2011

Happiness comes in lots of colours. But red is best.

I've put a lot of time and effort nurturing BossyGirl's creativity.
Till she went to school we did craft every day, sometimes all day.
Her father built her a little studio in the backyard, paint, pottery wheel,  origami, plaster, glue you get the picture.
She's also a reader, lots and lots of books.
And we still have at least an hour together playing every morning.

But things have changed lately, since Christmas when I caved and allowed Bossy
  free time on the computer.
She calls it her 'hour of power'. Sometimes it's longer.
 It's not a 'happy hour' for me though. It kills me watching her while away her time playing what I see as mindless games.

I struggle with it so much.

 I've been asking friends and neighbours for clues to making some sense of it all. As yet I've failed. Some say let her go and find her own limits, but after three hours I knew that wouldn't work - then others laughed when I thought that three hours was a long time. 
Some say it will be a phase
like dressing goth and/or dying her hair pink.
(can't wait for that phase, I think I'll do my hair too!!)

Today things took a different turn, who know's if it's good or bad.
Today BossyGirl won a DS Lite XL from the library (believe it or not - why not an ereader or ipad??).
She's pretty pleased and I'm pleased for her, I'm just very very wary.

It's a darn cute toy though, and as she has no actual games on it, it's quite creative!!
Maybe the only reason I don't like her 'hour of power' is because she was on my MY computer?!!  ;)

 If there is one girl who deserves and has wanted one of these for the longest time then it's you baby. 
Go Bossy!!


  1. congratulations on your win Miss Bossy!
    Don't worry Mum, yes it's a phase, but Nintendo do lots of good stuff not just silly games. I got my gr.daughter (11yrs) a good painting game to use on the Nintendo,(on eBay of course, 2nd hand).

    Time on the computer? when gr.daughter was here she was blogging every day, showing off her Op Shop finds, Cross Stitching, and her new found love, photography.

  2. Thanks Lyndel, that sounds like the perfect balance! I have to have faith in her.