Sep 2, 2011

Nice Slice? Love a recipe if you can help.

Oh and just before I go, does anyone know a good slice recipe? 
I have visitors coming Saturday afternoon and I'm determined to come up with a nice slice.
I have in the pantry: Dates: Berries: Icing Sugar: Coconut: Saos: Condensed Milk: Eggs: Cream: Brown Sugar: Oats: Muslie: Copha: Cocoa: 

I know there has to be something involving some or all of these. 
I really appreciate your help.


  1. sorry, I never make slices, or cakes... but I hope you enjoy your time with your visitor!

  2. Thanks Lyndel, wlll after mowing the lawn, and pulling weeds, vacuuming and cleaning the house, I found a text from visitors to say they were not able to make it. I really should turn my phone on more. x e