Apr 22, 2012

I did some sewing!

I did some sewing these holidays.
 I tested out some vintage sewing patterns on Bossy. 

Before learning to sew I found all patterns confusing, 
especially vintage ones. I was going to get rid of my collection.

But now, I just love them again.
I understand them. 

From the pictures on the front Bossy chose this skirt.
(I don't know why but I'm not a fan of seams up the front of skirts. 
And it's cut on the bias so I felt it used up more fabric). 

The pretty fabric I chose for this skirt. 

It's unfinished, I think it still needs something. Lace or trim on the hem. 

Actually I guess I should have tried to match the pattern up the front. 

I love how girls stand, there's no self consciousness, no holding in tummies
or making themselves look any different than they are. 
It's beautiful!!

And these are the pants.  

I chose these pants because they have elastic waist but not lots of extra fabric up the top
and a really nice straight leg shape, wide easy to move in. 

From all the vintage fabric on offer she choose this brown stripe.
The fit is good but they are too high in the waist, so I'd take that down next time.

And I also got the pockets in the wrong place, by guessing, 
I'd mark the pattern and do that properly next time too. 

Ok well I'm off to see what else I can tackle.
I hope you created something recently!

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  1. Well show me your secret, because I get so confused by patterns I end up just winging it...It's like they are written in another language and they purposely make them more difficult then need be!