Apr 19, 2012

I had big plans

Bossy is away for a whole 4 days!
I had plans to coffee, shop and lounge.
But all I have managed to do is work -(oh and a great yoga
class last night with drinks after - yes of course you have drinks after yoga!)

Not complaining but now after three days of 
indoor stuff including the shocking diet (chocolate, banana, coffee, chips, chocolate etc)
I'm starting to feel ... not quite 'depressed'
but  I have to say 'a little down'.
It's not good to spend too much time alone! 
out of the sun. 
(Or maybe I'm missing her and the light she brings).

I did sort through about a 1/16th of my vintage sewing patterns 
and any luck I'll get some listed on Ebay, tonight, (don't hold your breath
though because I'm off on a road trip tomorrow and it's early to bed).
Enjoy looking at the lovely covers!

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