Aug 12, 2010

I love sewing! Current Project at School

Our current assignment at school is to construct a child's dress using a commercial pattern. We have to use the original pattern block, alter it to our design and then make the dress.  My design is one I've been carrying around in my head and scrapbook for years, the dress I always meant to make BossyGirl but could never sew, or thought I couldn't. 
A cute cross over, half circle skirt with frills for about a 4 year old. 

We made the patterns last week and this week cut out the fabric. I ran into problems because this gorgeous old fabric from the 1940s has some age spots. Trying to avoid them made the job a bit longer than I expected. Then I used interfacing on the front and back but I didn't like the finish, so re cut the fronts and the back pieces. 

Here are the pieces all laid out. 
 And this is where I got to in the sewing up. I'm not sure how I'd go on my own doing this, I was at the teacher almost every step with a question.

It's fully lined in the bodice with a darling mint green with a tiny little rose bud. 

It's not that it's difficult to sew, it's the remembering the sequence of operations that gets me. 
At home I made these little purses, all lined with the most beautiful luxe orange velvet. 
I'm thinking the little ones could be for Ipod Nanos, they fit perfectly! And it's so cushy in there in that velvet. Those little ones are my favourites. 
I love sewing!!


  1. I love the fabric for BossyGirl's dress. The little rosebuds are too, too sweet! ♥

  2. Oh I love the fabric on your dress - have you finished it yet?? :-)

  3. Hey! Yes the fabrics are both really lovely. The main fabric is very delicate though and it's so far had to handle a 'little' unpicking! my sequence of operations was all wrong if i wanted an invisible zip and so I had to sort of make a few adjustments. The zip is in and i'm working on the facings/lining parts. We do a lot in one class not just the dress, my excuse for why it's taking so long!!
    Thanks for dropping by. cheers elizabeth